1. How long have you been in business?

We celebrated our 13th year this past June 2017

2. Are you a travel agency?

No we are strictly a Wedding planning company. Couples arrange for their own travel and hotel. We take care of their wedding here in NYC. We offer stress free weddings.

3. Do you meet us once we arrive in New York?

Yes, I will meet with you with and depending on which package you choose I/ we will also assist you with the marriage license application and be there on the wedding day to help out in any way we can. Please note the offices for the marriage license are closed on weekends and holidays. You must apply for your marriage license on a week day. I believe it is important that you meet your wedding planner once you are here in NYC to go over everything in person. It is crazy not to!  I also believe it is a good idea for a coordinator to be there on the wedding day particularly if you are a larger group….most locations are public and you need a set of eyes watching from afar to make sure no one interrupts your wedding and that everything goes as you have planned it. The officiate is busy marrying you…. your photographer is busy taking pictures…. you are busy… your guests are enjoying, but your coordinator is there behind the scenes to make sure no one gets lost when they arrive…. that no one interrupts….walks in… or tries to photo bomb your wedding  (yes many have tried and I have stopped them and the couples never even notice) and ensure that nothing goes wrong. For most couples it is their first time in New York so someone who knows their way and can guide them is always a good idea.

4. How far in advance should we book?

Most couples book at least 1 year in advance if not sooner. Right now we are booking for the current year as well as 2017 and 2018!

5. How can I book if I do not have my airline and hotel lined up?

Well since we book so far in advance, its always better to at least reserve a date with us for a few weeks until you are sure or you can book with us and if you have to move the date we can always work with you and come up with a new wedding date. Most of our couples book with us first to ensure they have the wedding sorted and then they plan for the trip. Only a few times have we had to move the date. It always usually works out.

5. If we need to change the date of our wedding or postpone it will you work with us?

Yes, we will work with you and change the date of the wedding if needed or if you need to postpone we can accommodate you as well for up to 1 year.

6. Is the fee for the marriage license included?

Yes, the fee for the money order to pay for the license is included in all of our packages.

7. If I have a super basic package and we wont be meeting the coordinator..how will we receive the money order to pay for the license?

If you have requested a money order we will drop off the money order at your hotel lobby so you have it when you check in.

8. Are your ceremonies religious? OR are they strictly civil service?

No, our ceremonies are not religious unless you specifically ask for some religious tones or touches to the wedding. Your assigned officiate will contact you a month or so before the wedding day to discuss the ceremony and your vows.

9. Are the flowers included in your packages standard flowers or can we customize flowers and colors?

As each couple is different from one another so will their tastes and therefore, their wedding flowers will reflect that 🙂 So we work with the couple (usually the bride) on their flowers so that they are more customized to their tastes and color scheme. Flowers are fresh and delivered to you in time for the ceremony on your wedding day. Please note our flowers change depending on the season so some flowers may not be available for you depending on when you marry. Your coordinator will discuss with you in detail and come up with the best bridal bouquet for you. Please note flower delivery is included within Manhattan.Any other location is not included and flowers will be delivered by coordinator at the wedding venue instead.

10. Can we prepare our own vows?

Yes, you can prepare and say your own vows. You can also incorporate readings and poems to your ceremony

11. What type of payment do you accept

We accept all major credit cards, Debit cards, AMEX, PayPal, Money order and cashier checks as well as cash or direct Bank deposit. Please note there are no extra fees should you pay with a credit card. All prices are inclusive-Net… no taxes or extra fees added on.

12. If we cancel our wedding is the deposit refundable?

No, the deposit is non refundable after 10 days. The deposit reflects the time and effort your coordinator spends from the moment you contact us, through the booking and planning process. Therefore, if you decide to cancel after all this time has been spent assisting you then the initial deposit is non refundable. IF you decide to no longer marry and cancel the day before or the day of the wedding, the entire amount of the package is non refundable.

13.  Why is it that most, if not all of your competitors charge more than you do?

Yes, I have been asked that question before and told many times how great our prices are! Some have even worried that our services are not as “good” as those that charge way more… The “Why is this so cheap? Does that mean its not good?” mentality.

Please do not worry  as this is my company and I try my very best to make sure everything goes well from start to finish. I cannot afford for it not to. I know that many if not all my competitors are charging more.

However, I believe I charge a fair price for the work and the time I spend working on each wedding individually. I am a wedding planner  I plan weddings, coordinate them and execute them. That’s what I do… this is not a part time job for me, this is not a hobby or my side business. I live and breath weddings. This is all I do and I am involved in your wedding from start to finish, your wedding isnt handed off to a third or fourth pary and all my vendors in my team are handpicked by me. I work closely with all my couples and I am up at 3AM answering emails on a Sunday if I have to. Its important to me.

I know that many photographers are now offering wedding packages, many officiates are turning wedding coordinators as well and offering packages and some at rock bottom prices. Some ex brides too have turned NYC Wedding planning experts. They see how popular NYC can be for weddings and well they jump into the wedding coordinating business with no real experience or training. This has always baffled me…but what can you do?

However, with my company you get professionals who know their craft and specialize in their field and THEIR field only. The wedding coordinating… they leave that up to me.

That is the only explanation I can give. I hope it helps!

If one of your questions is not here please feel free to email directly at carol@fabnycwedding.com